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Following on from our philosophy, we aim to develop footballers through a vision which combines technical aspects with mental, emotional and interpersonal ones. Our methodology can be summarized in the following points:

The will to command and lead the game: the pleasure of maintaining possession of the ball, the ability to manage the game and its times with confidence, the development of a team mentality devoted to resourcefulness and common sacrifice are fundamental.

Through special exercises in moving techniques, we aim to perfect the movement of football: from transmission to control, from the search for space to the fast management to mastering the ball.

When we talk about tactical skills, we mean both individual and team skills. By game principles; we mean building, managing and maintaining possession, finishing and finalizing, the defensive phase. The methodology uses situational, simple and complex training methods, positional games, possession exercises and themed games.

2024 CAMPS

A stimulating and engaging 5 day soccer experience open for boys and girls ages 6 through 17 who want to improve their level of play whatever it is, while having fun with new friends.
These camps are conducted by official and qualified Juventus FC coaches who arrive directly from Italy. Players will have the opportunity to be selected and invited to travel to Italy to showcase their talent in training sessions and friendly matches.


What Parents and Players have to say

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up the practice groups?

The players will initially be grouped by age group. After the first day, some players may be shifted per skill level.

What are the costs for the Half Day and Full Day Camps?

Half Day Option: We offer a half day option from 9am to 12pm. Price is $325.00.

Full Day Option: 9am to 3pm does NOT include lunch 9each player must bring their own lunch and we will have break from 12pm to 1pm every day of camp). Price is $475.00 (we suggest only players 9 years and older register for a full day).

What Uniform will they use?

All campers are required to wear the Juventus kit (socks, shorts, shirt) each day. Wearing the same, sharp Juventus kit adds a professional environment and the players love it.

After the registration process and payment is complete you will be redirected to our shop so you can order your kit and select the appropriate size ($35.00). Kits will be shipped directly to you before the start if camp. We have several shipping options including next day.

What is the ratio coach/players?

1 Coach for every 15/17 participants approximately. There will be official Juventus coaches qualified and experienced that will arrive directly from Italy to assure the same level of quality, professionalism and authenticity that is received in Italy. They will be assisted by local coaches depending on the number of participants (Local coaches will be previously trained by Juve Coaches).


Do goalkeepers have specific training sessions?

Yes, we will have specific training sessions for goalkeepers if we reach a minimum number of registered goalkeepers. If we do not reach a minimum number, goalkeepers will be welcome to participate in our programs. Goalkeepers will also participate on foot skill exercises, drills involving shooting with group and game simulations.

Are parents allowed to visit during training?

Yes, parents can visit training sessions if they don’t interfere in the process of the program. There are designated areas where we allow parents to be and there will be safety and health precautions to be followed.

What is included?
  • Official Juventus Coaches from Italy.
  • 1 Official Adidas Juventus Kit (Black & White Stripe Jersey & Shorts).
  • Participants receive a certified diploma for the completion.
  • Several players from each Clinic/Camp will be selected to train in Italy at the exclusive Juventus FC professional training facilities.
  • Staff assistance.
What do I have to bring during the camp?

Players must bring: Soccer cleats and a water bottle.

Players must bring soccer cleats and water bottle. Players must wear the mandatory Juventus “kit” (socks, shorts, shirt). All campers are encouraged to bring sunscreen and shinguards. Half Day campers are encouraged to bring a healthy snack. Full Day campers must bring a healthy lunch.

What is the age range? Are Girls allowed?

Boys and girls between 6 and 17 years old are welcomed. Half Day Option: 7-11 and Full Day Option: 7-16 (we recommend players 9 years or older register for this option).


We offer unique and exciting opportunities to experience specialized soccer training through the official partnership between Futbol Labs and Juventus Academy. Open for all boys and girls aged 7 to 16 who want to improve their level of play in a stimulating and engaging environments while learning the Juventus style of play that makes it different from the rest of the teams in the world. Join us for unique black and white experience!

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